Keynote Addresses Master Clinician Open Papers
Symposia Roundtable Discussion Posters

Time Day 1: 25 april Day 2: 26 april
9:00 Keynote 1
Adrian Wells

Attention Training and Detached Mindfulness: Changing Perspectives using Metacognitive Control
Master Clinician Presentation
Rob Zettle

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
9:40 Symposium 1
Metacognitive Theory and Therapy in
Children and Adolescents
Symposium 3
MCT for Depression: Individual and Group Treatment Outcomes
10:20 Tea & coffee (poster session) Tea & coffee (poster session)
11:00 Keynote 2
Steven Hollon

CBT in the Treatment and Prevention
of Depression
Roundtable Discussion
MCT, ACT & CBT: Distinctive
Features & Futures?
(Fisher, Hollon, Leahy, Wells, Zettle)
11:40 Open Papers
• Rumination and avoidance
• Social Phobia and ATT
• A RCT of MCT for Depression
Symposium 4
Metacognitive Factors and Treatment
Applied to People with Psychosis
12:20 Lunch Lunch
2:00 Master Clinician Presentation
Costas Papageorgiou

Delivering Effective Meta Cognitive Therapy for Depression in Groups
Master Clinician Presentation
Robert Leahy

Emotional Schema Therapy

Open papers
• Metacognition & Family Distress in Psychosis
• Temperament & Metacognition
• MCT for health anxiety

Open papers
• Metacognition & health anxiety
• ATT & Trauma Symptoms
• Metacognition, GABA & Panic

3:20 Tea & coffee (poster session) Tea & coffee (poster session)
3:50 Master Clinician Presentation
Hans M Nordahl

Principles and Effects of MCT in Borderline Personality Disorder: The ERIS Protocol
Keynote 4
Peter Fisher

Translating Metacognitive Theory and Therapy to Emotional Distress in Cancer Patients

Symposium 2
OCD: Metacognitive Modification and
Symptom Change

Symposium 5
Predictors of Treatment Outcome: Therapist Competence and Client Metacognition


Keynote 3
Graham Davey

Mood and Perseverative Thinking

Keynote 5
Marcantonio Spada

A Triphasic Metacognitive Formulation
of Problem Drinking
Closing Address
7:15 Buffet, Live Music & Late Bar